About Us

Alliance Planning are specialists in the sport, leisure and community sectors, with significant experience in strategic planning, infrastructure development and not-for-profit organisational development.  With over 25 combined years in local government and representation on various community-level boards and committees, our team has been at the coalface in delivering well-planned and executed infrastructure projects and improving the operational and financial sustainability of community organisations.

We work with local and state governments, peak sporting bodies and community not-for-profit organisations and understand the unique challenges faced by each.  Our team has a thorough appreciation of the tasks involved in day-to-day operations and the time and knowledge required to progress the development of facilities, equipment, overall long-term planning and the organisation itself.

Our strength is our holistic and pragmatic approach to every project.

  • We work with you and engage with your preferred stakeholders to truly understand current situations and desired future directions​.
  • We provide recommendations based on local and industry-wide information.
  • We consider all options and their long-term implications on the organisation and its members.
  • We provide solutions that are practical, realistic and will improve community and club operations.

Our two senior consultants are supported by a network of specialist personnel, hand-picked for each project to ensure that the best solution is obtained each and every time.  At Alliance Planning, we understand that no two organisations or projects are the same and are determined to provide an individual solution to your situation.

Nicole Zimmerle
BLeisMgt, CertIV ProjMgt

Nicole is a specialist in sport and recreation planning and project management, with extensive knowledge in navigating the planning approval process. Nicole has over 15 years experience with strategic and detailed facility planning for a range of sports, recreational activities and community ventures in a local government context.  Nicole has a practical, thorough and objective approach to site planning based on comprehensive community consultation and needs based assessment.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Facility planning​
  • Obtaining statutory approvals
  • Project management
  • Strategic planning
  • Community consultation
  • Grant writing

Brent Armstrong
BEng(Mech)(Hons), BExSc, BBus(SportMgt)

Brent is a sport and recreation professional and mechanical engineer, combining the technical aspects of infrastructure development and maintenance with a strong understanding of the operational demands of not-for-profit community organisations.  Brent has worked with hundreds of clubs in enhancing operations, providing grant writing expertise, planning, developing and maintaining facilities and assisting in navigating government processes.  Brent’s understanding of everyday club operations enables him to provide practical recommendations throughout all stages of strategic and infrastructure projects that will make the lives of club personnel easier in the future.

Brent has significant experience in writing successful grant applications to all levels of government securing funds for everything from small equipment through to multi-million dollar sports facilities.  Brent understands the grant funding processes and priorities, and liaises with funding bodies to ensure that applications are of the highest quality with the best chance of success.​

Areas of Expertise:

  • Strategic planning
  • Community consultation
  • Club organisational development
  • Grant writing
  • Facility planning
  • Asset management and maintenance