Operational Planning

Club Business and Operational Plans

We sit with each organisation to gain a thorough understanding of current operations, where it wants to be, where the existing deficiencies are, and what the genuine capacity of the organisation is to implement change. We tailor each Plan to suit every client, understanding that most are to be implemented by volunteers who have plenty of other responsibilities in running the club.

Some of the projects we have worked on:

  • South Pine Sports Association Business Plan
  • Samford Community Hub Operational Plan
  • Various other Business Plans and Operational Plans for local clubs and associations

Funding Strategies

We work with organisations to identify suitable sources of income to ensure long-term financial sustainability, whilst still providing high quality facilities, equipment and programs. The organisation type and its objectives helps to shape where funds may be derived – members, users/patrons, sponsors, fundraising, grants and government. We match income source/s with what is needed, and can provide detailed budget breakdowns into cost centres, to keep track of which revenue success in the future.

Some of the projects we have worked on:

  • User pays membership fee structures
  • Tiered sponsorship valuations
  • Five-year grant schedules

Asset Management and Replacement Plans

Community organisations are generally very good at obtaining new facilities and equipment but many don’t genuinely understand the true requirements for maintaining them, to achieve the longest life from the assets. We work with clubs and associations to undertake a comprehensive audit of their assets, prepare detailed asset registers, and identify annual budget requirements for maintaining and ultimately replacing (or disposing) assets. We provide useable tools to assist clubs to continue their asset management journey, and provide real justification for annual maintenance budgets and amounts to set aside in a sinking fund.

Some of the projects we have worked on:

  • Asset Management Plans for various sports and community clubs